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uno is a card game, as i'm sure you are aware. uno has many oft-disputed subtleties in its ruleset, as i'm sure you are also aware. the week before last, i was on scout camp, and it was there that me and some other weirdos designed a partial ruleset to aid in disambiguating several parts of uno (when to play wild cards, stacking pickups, etc). it seemed to work, so i'm turning it into a full ruleset and publishing it to the Interwebs.

the 2k22 uno ruleset (or, Uno as She Is Played)

the following is a (hopefully) unambiguous uno ruleset, designed by committee in a slightly damp field near knutsford.

1) overview

2) taking a turn

3) playing a card

4) special card effects

Mon, 15 Aug 2022 21:37:34 +0100

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